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'Married to the Moon' expresses a funky take on extraterrestrial and Americana fantasies. Who better to take muse from than the supernatural Dolly Parton? The combination of country roots and celestial illusions creates an experimental, unique approach on evening-wear. This collection ties together an unlikely pair of cotton and evening-wear by certain elements of design used on the cotton canvas; from the blood moon and galaxy prints hand dyed, to the modish fabric manipulations, beading, and draping techniques. 

Dolly Parton is a prime example of a powerful woman who was confident enough to go against stereotypes and 'norms' society creates. She continues to pave the way in the entertainment industry because of her individuality. In an interview, Dolly was asked "Do you feel like you're a joke, that people make fun of you?" Dolly responds, "Oh I know they make fun of me, but actually all these years people have thought the joke was on me, but it's actually on the public. I am sure of myself as a person... I like the kind of person that I am." 

In my illustrations, I play fun of the pressures society puts on women: "make this bigger" or "make that smaller." This comic relief represents women knowing their value and freedom, therefor making their mark in history as a sui generis, like Dolly.

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